Sparkle Wall Letters

    All Designs from Wooden to Sparkle Wall Letters

    Add a touch of whimsy to any room with our unique sparkle wall letters

    Decorate your child's room with sparkle wall letters and immediately transform any plain, old room wall into a pretty glitter wall of art! Our sparkle wall letters are available in a wide selection of font designs and hand-painted patterns; you will definitely find a color or theme of your choice which will fit any theme imaginable for your baby’s nursery room. Use your creativity and decorate your girls' room with our pretty glitter wall letters of their name, an inspiring quote or a line from a favorite story book. Shop with us now and be prepared to be spoiled for choices with the huge assortment of designs that our glitter wall letters are available in. Browse through our unique patterns of sweet florals, sporty and career themes, glitter coated and embellished sparkle wall letters for nursery décor. You will not be disappointed with the great range of designs of these glitter wall letters that Pink Taffy Designs offers. Shop our great deals and find a wide selection of the best glitter letters in unique and custom made lettering designs and instantly personalize your nursery or baby’s room today!

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